…New song “Water Bearer” is an early preview of Ptarmigan. Showcasing Mandico’s ethereal voice and compassionate songwriting, the track offers a balm for our current social ills.
— Brittney McKenna June 7th, 2018

from Colorado to the bright lights of Music City, her music still carries the footprints of her homeland – western folk captures the majesty of her mountainous upbringing and mixes it with the Americana and roots music in which she’s immersed herself in Nashville.
— Alex Gallacher August 1, 2018

...she has some significant people in her corner for her debut full-length album: Ptarmigan was by North Mississippi All-Stars’ Luther Dickinson and recorded with Kevin Houston at Zebra Ranch in Coldwater, Mississippi. Their confidence is well-placed: Mandico’s clear voice and compassionate songwriting make Ptarmigan soar
— Rachel Cholst July 23rd, 2018

Mandico wears her heart on her sleeve and rends others’ with it, but there’s something more to it, too—a vivid human consciousness that imbues itself into Ptarmigan’s every thread.
— Jonathan Frahm June 26th, 2018

Whether or not you’re a fan of folk, you can’t help but be captivated by Michelle Mandico’s voice on the new album Ptarmigan.
— Gary Schwind July 3rd, 2018

The moment I listened to her song ‘First Winter Without Colorado’ I became instantly enthralled by her angelic voice and genuine writing... [She’s] a true lyricist and [she’s] able to capture so many emotions in Ptarmigan...
— Lucia Castaneda July 5th, 2018

...the best thing we have is our ability to love and serve others. Michelle Mandico appeals to empathy in her captivating Water Bearer.
— Kevin Heider July 10th, 2018

Mandico’s western folk captures the majesty of her mountainous upbringing and mixes it with the Americana and roots music in which she’s immersed herself in Nashville.
— Innocent Words June 26th, 2018

Rarely does a song feel like a dream to me, but I definitely had to play ‘Water Bearer’ twice to make sure I hadn’t been transported to another world somewhere in the middle…With a subtle arrangement and a gorgeous video punctuated by natural scenery and some choreographed sections, ‘Water Bearer’ is a wonderful artistic statement and we at the Deli can’t wait for Mandico’s full-length…
— Geena Kloeppel June 7th, 2018

...Michelle Mandico is one of the best, most brilliant songwriters around.
— Lucky Bird Media

When it comes to Americana singer songwriters in 2018, you can’t find much better than Michelle Mandico. From clever lyrics to intricate delivery, Mandico is performing at an extremely high level... Her mix of metaphor and down to earth details makes for brilliant songwriting.
— Ear To The Ground May 18th, 2018

On occasion, a musician, an artist, will plow through a song, sowing seeds to bloom into something magnificent. Her songwriting evokes emotions on different levels, which is what music should do...It seems Michelle’s search for her country roots has already been well established deep within her soul. Nashville is just the place for her to amaze others with her talent and sweet voice.
— Ghettoblaster Magazine May 15, 2018

Michelle Mandico heard the clear voice of the mountains calling her, finding the silence more powerful than words with ‘Ptarmigan.’
— The Alternate Root February 7, 2018


Americana singer-songwriter Michelle Mandico turned loneliness into an act of defiance on her new single Ptarmigan…Don’t let the gentle voice fool you - she knows exactly where she is going with her music, aided by a deep knowledge of folk and country music.
— Here Comes The Flood February 5, 2018

Michelle Mandico‘s “Ptarmigan” is a testament to the elegance of simplicity, from the melody to the arrangement to the lyrics...Mandico’s tune is impressive, and establishes her as a newcomer to watch.
— Independent Clauses January 25, 2018

...she is somebody who is very much an ambassador of beauty. Her life is charged with truth but also with beautiful struggle. One of the things I’ve always loved about her is she’s just so real. You’re always gonna get it exactly like it is with Michelle Mandico.
— Jimmy Mitchell on the love good podcast january 18, 2018