Michelle Mandico heard the clear voice of the mountains calling her, finding the silence more powerful than words with ‘Ptarmigan.’
— The Alternate Root February 7, 2018

Here Comes The Flood

Americana singer-songwriter Michelle Mandico turned loneliness into an act of defiance on her new single Ptarmigan…Don’t let the gentle voice fool you - she knows exactly where she is going with her music, aided by a deep knowledge of folk and country music.
— Here Comes The Flood February 5, 2018

Michelle Mandico‘s “Ptarmigan” is a testament to the elegance of simplicity, from the melody to the arrangement to the lyrics...Mandico’s tune is impressive, and establishes her as a newcomer to watch.
— Independent Clauses January 25, 2018

...she is somebody who is very much an ambassador of beauty. Her life is charged with truth but also with beautiful struggle. One of the things I’ve always loved about her is she’s just so real. You’re always gonna get it exactly like it is with Michelle Mandico.
— Jimmy Mitchell on the love good podcast january 18, 2018